16 days till I can do this again! #savetyresanddirtdrop #dropdatdirt #4x4drifter

That time when my car was pretty decent looking! #17zzz #enayisbest

Morning session goodness

Anyone want to come for a drive to Gold Coast meow? #shirtstuckedin #nicevibe #stickerserrywhere #rickross #bowwwwwsssss

Decided to dust the camera off and take a photo of a car! #justacar #matsuriprep2k14 #boooots

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Grand Theft Auto. 

this is literally the funniest thing i’ve ever seen Kristen Wigg do

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Zen’s V35

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I don’t know but I really like this photo… Maybe because of the grass colour, maybe because the photo was taken from kirks car, maybe because you can see drappers s14 or maybe because there’s a fucking cool 180! I just don’t know! #doingdriftssmokinspliffs #notreally #drugsaregay #sometimes


Going for it.


Going for it.

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S13 Silvia

Ownership of over a year now, this car has been through the ups and downs, had a few different set ups but for now I’m done. Full Factory Aero Kit, SSR MK2 15x7.5 -5 with a 3mm spacer up front, Shockworks Coilovers from Australia, Manual conversion completed with new master cylinders, new slave cylinder, Exedy 3 puk racing clutch and an exedy lightened flywheel. S15 Interior Seats front and back and a Nardi Classic 360mm. It’s my daily driver that sees the occasional spirited hill run, drifting days are over in this car as I’m sick of the risks it entails.

I’m not selling it any time soon but tears will be shed once it goes.

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